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  1. Starnger

    1970 Schwinn Typhoon

    So, another nice story of me getting a vintage American bike in Europe is here :) First of all, yes, i do have unfinished projects, but this one is different! (Ha-ha, but true this time) I was not intending to buy it, but i saw an ad on dutch Marktplaats with this photos: The ad said 1950's...
  2. Cruiserdude94

    4 Schwinns for a Smoking Deal!! Deluxe Typhoon, Lil Tiger, Super Deluxe Stingray and Ballooner!!

    I got all 4 of these in a package deal a few day ago!!! Came out of a garage attic out on a farm! All covered in farm fresh bird poop! 1949 Schwinn (with locking springer) 1966 Deluxe Typhoon Lil Tiger 1964 Super Deluxe Stingray!!!