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  1. guy1980

    worksman pt folding trike - rear axle bearings damage

    Worksman Port O Trike Rear Frame has 4 bearings (2 per wheel) that are pressed into the frame. Noticed that the two interior bearings appear to be damaged, the inner ring is cocked out of alignment and it doesn't rotate with the axle. When I turn the axle, the axle spins freely without the inner...
  2. Psycho Sammi

    (MBBO #5 Class 2) Lil Red Express Trike

    Lil Green Schwinn Trike .I thought September would never get here. I have wanted to do something with this 24" trike I got from Petrohead for some time now. Certain muscle bike parts I have had sitting around for years are now going to finally have a bike to call home. I will have to get some...