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Headed to Nashville TN tomorrow. Stopping by some of Americas best Bicycles shops on the way and wont forget to hit up Antique Archaeology and see what they have rounded up.

All in efforts to be at Smoopy's swap meet Saturday. Ill try to post picture if I find anything for this build.

Looking for:
Colson guard
Fancy prewar pedals
Prewar accessories
and a nice set of Prewar tires!
OK, I'm following this one. You have come a long way, kid!

Thanks Cam!

So I have had a pretty good day. Bought nothing related to this build.

First stop!

Found these!

Stopped by to see Smoopy

Stopped here.


More pictures tomorrow!
Dang, if I knew you were photographing all your stops on your trip i would've skipped dinner so you could drop by!
How was the bar-b-q?

Ended up doing so well at that last guys house we didn't have time to eat there!
That was a great show, nice meeting you. That bike is awesome, and it was a well deserved trophy. Is it original paint? I like bare metal (as shown by the Elgin I built that Gill brought out last weekend) but if that's og paint I wouldn't be able to do it. Gonna be interesting. Followed.
Congrats 55...GTB!!

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Sorry I'm late to the party. I've been crazy busy finishing up my first year of college. Plus all the craziness that the business brings.

For the first time ever, I got these two side by side. Brothers!





Then it hit me! I have the ratty seat on the good bike and the good seat on the ratty bike! Since these are the exact same model Troxel, both correct for these '41's, I did a little swap.




Finally on the stand! Progress this afternoon!