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Great job on the 'coasters'! I just looked at the pics before watching the videos and wondered where you had found them. Of course, you made them, I should have guessed. The bike is looking great! Now I'm wondering what more ideas you may have swirling around in your head. :113:
Thanks Pondo! I almost didn't put the pics in until today, but I know some people don't always watch the vids and I didn't have a 'final result' of my process in the video so I figured what the H. I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Most excellent work on the carrier. It's blending right in with the build nicely.
Thanks KF! I didn't want to 'RaT-up' the logos too much, trying for a well-preserved but aged look. Like it might have sat on an old bar shelf as a display it's whole life.
Here's a comparison of the before and after of the beer crate. I also RaT-ina'd the bottle opener, first sanding the bright surface, then dulling it with my vinegar / water spray, then a very light coat of flat black, rubbed back with a #0000 steel wool, and then dabbed some Satin Cinnamon and Satin Espresso paint on the leading edge and around the screw mounts.

Before any RaT-ification...

bottles mn beers on bike close up.jpg

After ....

beer labels 4.jpg
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Your friend did a nice job with that bike. He’d fit right in here. Bike is probably quick off the line with those gears. Cranks look really long too.
Is it the big chain guard? I think you could make a cool chain guard for that out of an old wall hanger guitar or other instrument with a thin wood body.

Look forward to the OJ mystery item.
When researching my motobike find early on, I found this old ad from The Saturday Evening Post. Bicycling has had many a 'heyday' over the years. We know how popular Schwinns were in the '50s - '60s. And the bicycle is primarily responsible for the first paved roads in the USA. The popularity and availability of the Montgomery Wards catalog surely increased the awareness of and purchases of the Hawthorne brand of bicycles from the early 1900's and on.

The one pictured is a 1930 model, a little updated from my teens Quasi-Motobike. It definitely looks like it's ready for action!

RRB  BO19 Hawthorne ad.jpg
So, I want to carry the beer crate open to view on the rear rack. I need to secure it to the rack but don't want to block any vantage points or change the 'look' much.

My first thought is these leather lace ties,that weave through the rack braces and over the sides, and then tie off in a knot.

I like the leather belt idea. I would consider some type of belt buckle for quick way to detach and a more dedicated look. Tandy Leather, and others, sell many sizes and types.

Strap buckles
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I like the leather straps. It fits well with your build.
I used bike chain attached with spring clips at the ends for my RRB six pack back ion BEER RUN back in BO6 (my rookie year).

about time we got some leather. 😎. They look nice tie but you could probably make some of these fairly easily from some old spokes.

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I see those attached to strapping laying around from time to time at work. I have always thought they had to be useful for something. For some reason, I never thought of bikes? Now, I'll be grabbing them instead of tossing them. Classy and clean
Beautiful cars and bikes, thanks for sharing that. That red wagon caught my eye too, beautiful practicality.

The motorbike really looks the part too. The leather straps are a great touch. The glass bottles do not rattle too much when riding?