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There you go. Dual purpose. Second bracing point and fuel canister support too. Do your ratina work and your good to go
Looks like the left of your tank needs a little botox injection. 😀
That light is awesome and brighter than I thought it would be. The jewels light up is the icing on the cake. Bike is looking awesome as well.
Thanks Brian! Yeah, it's amazing how much detail and inventiveness they put into functional products over 100 years ago. I will do a real night ride vid here once we get a nice dry night. Maybe get my wife to ride alongside with the camera mounted on her bike.
Red and green lights.
Red on port side, green on starboard.
Port is a 4 letter word, as is left. Port is also a red wine. So. Remember that, and you'll always remember red on the left, green on the right.

Honestly not sure I've ever met anyone that couldn't figure it out without the port,left,wine thing. But it's a nifty little thing to share.

Anyway. Light looks great. I think I have several parts to build one of those.🤔
Might find them when I reorganize the garage.
So I got to thinking, why would they design such a cool lamp and not have a way to securely retain the fuel canister? Then I remembered noticing the two tiny knobs directly opposite of each other near the bottom of the lamp. I searched the internet, and sure enough, there should have been a cap with two notches to slide over the knobs and then twist and lock it in place.


Now I'm going to have to source or make a bottom cap as well. Its never ending.
Cool detective work. It looks like it might be about the same size as a jar of baby food.
Actually, I bet that would be too small, but try some of the smaller grocery bottles with metal lids. Olives and such.
I found a tube of acrylic paint in my paint and stain and dye bin. Its Raw Sienna color, kind of a clay brown color. I smeared some on with an old hand towel rag. Then rubbed most of it off, to just take some of the sheen off the lamp topper. And get closer to that naturally aged brass.

I was rummaging through our spray paint , glues, house walls touch-up paint, and cleaners shelving; and on the 'glues shelf', I found this pretty much empty pvc purple pipe prep can. One glance told me I might be on to something.
Or I'm on something, one of the two.

Tale of the tape, both the fuel canister and pvc can are 2" in diameter. This might work!

Great work on the light, man it looks great! Lots of ingenuity going on there. Looking forward to the night ride video!
There you go! That should be very stable and if just fits nicely there. Doesn't hide anything on the front of the bike and balances the build out well.
I would maybe just angle it down slightly, so that it is either true vertical or tilted slightly towards the road ahead. Can't wait to see it lit up too. Nice work on the base cap too.