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Not to be a jerk but that back knot looks like a granny, front appears to be a square knot.
"A Boy Scout is.... helpful..."
Hahaha! Not a 'jerk' at all! Which do you prefer, granny or square; I'm guessing square knot, knot granny?
Which do you prefer, granny or square; I'm guessing square knot, knot granny?

Scout definition of a good knot:
1) Knot needs to accomplish the task it is used for
2) Easy to tie
3) Easy to untie

The granny meets the first two. Pulled tight, the granny can be difficult to untie.

My favorite knot is the bowline, use it a lot. Also known as the rescue knot.
We have a hot one cooking here in the north country. Just put in a couple hours late afternoon yesterday before heading to The Dakota for some organ trio jazz with my oldest son. Very cool evening.

Having a refresher yesterday, I once again looked at the bottom of my beverage can,and realized I was holding what could be the topper to my bike lamp. I inverted the bottom to get a convex shaped top.

Then pulled out some RaTina sauce.

Too gold looking,added a little Satin Espresso.

A couple more trips outside for adjustments, and adding the Dead Flat Clear, and we're real close.

Found an old seat post clamp bolt and washer in my nuts and bolts bin. With a gentle threading in to the clamp hole, I got all the threads tbrough and the cove bolt washer sits right up against the bracket. A couple of washers and nuts and a custom clamp and this will make a sturdy attachment point for the lamp.

Your patina-matching skills are insane! If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that can piece was an original part of that lamp!

^ What he said. Definitely getting good a the ratina. Making it look easy.

Masterful Rat-iNa. Looks great. Can’t wait to see it mounted and lighting the way. :113:

Thanks guys! This is the fun part for me. I had a Minor in Arts and Crafts in college. And I'm only partially kidding! 😆
Love that!!! So cool!
Looking forward to seeing it on a night ride!!!

You need to add a song to your set list now.

It was a productive day in my original RRB shop digs; my garage. The light is better, bigger workbench, and it was 62 degrees and raining outside, which makes the BACK40 a little chilly and damp.

I got the light mounted!! Yahoooooooo!!

First off, in order to implement a good way to secure the topper I made, I added another layer to it by using a drawer knob through my pop can bottom and then screwed a spring clip to the bottom of the drawer pull. Sits in there tight, and the knob added another element to the cap.

bike lamp new cap 2.jpg
bike lamp new cap.jpg
bike lamp new cap 3.jpg

I went with the less ornate one to keep the lines simple.

Next up was the mounting rigging. I previously told you about threading the 3/8" seat bolt through the brass. Since the brass is softer than the steel bolt, it actually created it's own threads as it went in and was much easier to back it out, and ultimately re-thread it in again. I used a couple of brass coupling nuts from past plumbing projects as spacers, and the bracket that attaches to the fork strut is the receiving end of a door bolt lock.

bike light bracket.jpg
lamp mount 1.jpg
lamp mount 2.jpg

The bolt lock jam end was almost identical in circumference to the fork brace rod. BTW, these braces aren't just flimsy lightweight tubes like most are. They are very sturdy and rigid. I added a little Rat-ina to get it all to blend together.

I'm very pleased with the result!

lamp mounted 1.jpg
lamp mounted 4.jpg
lamp mounted 2.jpg
lamp mounted 3.jpg

Thanks to @Chad T for his recommendation of 'below the bar, and just to the non-drive side of center, so as not to hide the head badge'.

Now where did that Finished Bikes thread go.... :inlove:
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Nice topper method with the drawer pull.
Also cool bracing for the lamp. I like the placement, but it sure looks like it's gonna be springy as the wheel goes down the road. I would guess there might be a weak attachment to the bouncing right where the nut is. Hope I'm wrong, but I can envision a few different methods to give it maybe a secondary mounting spot to secure it if need be. Either way it looks awesome!
@kingfish254 So you mean move it to a different location completely? Or what are your suggestions for bracing it better where it sits now?
@kingfish254 So you mean move it to a different location completely? Or what are your suggestions for bracing it better where it sits now?

It seems to me that it should have two points of bracing contact, rather than the one where the main nut is now. If it were me, I would center it and duplicate the truss rod bracket you made, so that it bolts up to each truss rod for support. Does that make sense?
I wouldn't worry about hiding the headbadge. The light sticks away from the bike enough to prevent that.
Well, I went out to the garage to cbeck out some options. My wife's car is out right now, so I had room to operate. 👍

As I was rolling it around the floor, I noticed the fuel canister was slipping out the bottom a bit. So I found an old reflector bracket and put the large platform part under the canister, a d clamped it on to the fork brace.

It's raining out, but I went off the end of the driveway and up and down the street, and it seems pretty solid now.

I'll do further testing tomorrow.