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Time to sculpt the tank a bit
I got the first layer of Bondo sanded down and ready for a second coat. The second coat will bring up some low areas and even out some other areas.
Then I have some piping for sewing seats, that I am going to use to give a raised trim around the tank. I will test it first to make sure it will hold up to the heat when the catalyst kicks off. Still trying to work a design out.
Me too. I plan to trim out the tank like when chopper guys reverse the pan of a tank to be dished. Or some car customizers use rod to create lines. They usually weld a metal rod around to help create a lip.

This is going to be cool to watch happen.
I'm curious to see how you use the piping. :39:
I made a small test to see if the Bondo had any effect on the piping such as shrinkage or melting. Looks to have held up well.
This is going to be cool to watch happen.
I’m winging it really. I may not even like the piping idea but I’m going to give it a shot.
I decided to soak my chain guard and fender skirts in an OA bath. I have the fender that I need to dip as well and I may put the skirts back in for another go. I dried the parts well after a wash and left them untreated as I plan to paint them soon. I can finally see what the chain guard looks like and I’m excited to get a few dents banged out and in to primer. I’m currently doing some work on my scratch built tank. Added some piping and beginning to fill it in.

Switched gears and decided to head towards getting the frame painted. I got the odd layers of paint off, down to the original red/blue and some bare rusted areas. I like the blue accents and may use the pattern just in my chosen colors (not revealed). I will get some sanding done, then fill some areas and prime it. I do not find it always necessary to strip it all down to bare metal. If there is no rust under the paint and it has good adhesion, you should be able to scuff and paint. And my chosen color may not be the forever color. Here are the results of citrus strip and acetone. Lots of people do not like the citrus strip, but it works great with certain paints.
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Love those long sweeping frame darts