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I just like green

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Ordered a new bike today......now the wait begins. Been doing more and more mileage lately and between back roads, bike paths, and sweet low country gravel I needed something more suited

Poseidon Redwood. XL frame. Pedal and saddle swap imminent I'm sure as it comes with flats and the seat is allegedly hard as a 2x4

Now it'll just need a name when it arrives in a week or two

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Still absolutely love this bike and cannot believe they are closing some colors and sizes out so cheap


Supposedly a code that takes them down to $499. Amazing deal on a sleeper of a bike
Do I need that bike? No. Do I want it? ABSOLUTELY!
it's an absolute monster truck. I was skeptical of the aluminum at first but it is stable and supple while still being very off road capable

I've taken it on more single track than I'm sure it was ever intended for

NGL, it does need upgrades out of the box though. Stock tires are flimsy, stock crank weighs 100 pounds, saddle is horrible
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I think you need this mailbox


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