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SOLD 1936 Silver King 3 Speed Path Racer (ish)- $1,350

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donald beach

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Dec 21, 2018
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Newport RI
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This is a rare classic frame made of Duraluminum, a rarity for the mid 30's. most of these bikes didn't survive the metal recycling efforts from WW2. frame has been lightly sanded from 200 grit through 1600 to remove 90 years of mild graying tarnish. frame is great, no corrosion or cracks and one small dent in the tube under the top tube. new head tube badge from nostalgic reflections, front hub labeled elmira NY which i think is a bendix. rear nexus 3 speed, all new spokes. boxkar shifter. vintage rechromed torrington handlebar with a nice new ahead stem. truss rods not stock.. i liked the way these looked. selle italia h series leather cut out saddle with quill seatpost. new cream color tires and tubes. stronglight 3 arm crankset is fitted on a square taper adapter with atom 700 pedals. losing storage soon, so letting go of some bikes. prefer local pickup in rhode island, but can ship in 2 boxes, around $175 to ship.

Despite the double-dose of royalty in the name, Monark Silver King was born out of the Great Depression, beginning as a side venture of the Monark Battery Company. After finding success producing electric radio and automobile batteries in the 1920s, Monark (originally, it seems, based out of Kansas City) was desperate to diversify its product line as the crunch of the Depression slowed sales. The company had no clear plan in place at first, but after one of their legal advisors referred them to the latest invention of a man named George Strong Lewis, the proverbial wheels of a new enterprise were set in motion. https://www.madeinchicagomuseum.com/single-post/monark-silver-king/


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