1950's schwinn t&c tandem

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Apr 19, 2024
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Hi I'm Daniel and I live in New Mexico. I have a really cool schwinn town and country tandem that I'm putting back on the road. This is an heirloom that was my mother's and grandparents before that. It will pass on to my son as well. You all seem to be the only ones with any clue about these bikes and I'm very happy to have found you all.
I did some research on Schwinn tandems after I picked up a 63 Bicycle built for two (only made two years, 63-64, then in 65 were named Schwinn Twins).
The Town and Country was sold from 1946 through 1962. The serial numbers seem to not specify a year, just the sequence number. All the years are a T followed by the sequence number, so what year isn't specified. I read where those frames were made special during the early years and stockpiled, then sold each year. So, a 1957 bike may have been made in the late 40's.
There might be some minor differences in the model years which may narrow down the year it was sold, but I haven't delved into that yet. I rely on the catalog illustrations which might not be accurate in the minor details.