1953 Huffman BMX build.

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Jul 2, 2023
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Burt, Iowa
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After much thought and consideration I've decided to build a 1953 Huffman 26" BMX tribute bike. Plan for now it to paint it as close to the original green I found when I started removing 3 layers of paint. I want to be right about 1984-1986 era for the parts. Don't know if there was a BMX bike with a quill seat post though. May weld a tube extension on it so I can use a seat clamp. So far I've got the frame and the hubs I want to use. Just finished polishing the hubs. And now the researching and parts buying begins
That Huffman frame will work great as a BMX.

If you wait a few days you could enter the build in the annual build off.
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I was thinking about it, I'm going to dump some cash into this one and wait for the exact parts I want for it and a lot of them will be both hard to find and a little more money then I've spent in the then I don't think it will happen by the deadline. I have another build in mind for the build off. I'll know if I can line everything up for it in the next 2-3 days. It involves a few parts from a couple antique/vintage tractors.
All of the quill style seat posts I was looking at were either way to short, too rusty or more then I wanted to spend. So I'm making my own. Just got this in the mail for $7. It's the correct diameter and thick enough not to bend but should still flex a bit if needed. So I'm going to cut the correct angle on what will be the bottom. Now to find a 13" or longer stem bolt. Once I decide on a color scheme I'll anodize it to match. Thinking yellow/gold accessories and a Emerald green frame and forks. Still working that out.