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SOLD 1955 Schwinn Continental Clubman

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Jun 6, 2012
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Huntington Beach CA
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$1299 local pick-up Orange California in my antique store.
Text 657 215 1415
1955 Schwinn Gold Continental Clubman - 21" Frame - 3 Speed. Brooks saddle, early "Made in Switzerland" engraved Weinmann sidepulls, GB alloy stem, unique (for Schwinn) crankset.

English made three piece crankset. mustache style handlebars..-this Clubman version was modeled after British club bikes of that time and is much rarer.

Bike has been fully (meticulously...every part, nut and bolt cleaned and inspected) overhauled; frame and fork alignment checked (very
good), all bearing surfaces cleaned inspected and repacked with fresh grease .new tires and tubes. Bike is all original except new
tires and tubes! Note the Continental was one of the most expensive of Schwinn bikes only below the Paramount. The Continental
Clubman is quite rare and is seldom seen, would be a fabulous addition to any serious Schwinn collectorll! these Clubman's are very hard to find especially in this condition and being all original (except tires). Bike has been test ridden, gears shift nicely and is very smooth a pleasure to ride.

. Rare Schwinn Continental Clubman C-16 Model
. Chestnut Brown Color
. Serial #; U003045 (indicating according to Ai
: frame was manufactured sometime between November 24, 1955)
. 21" Frame measured
. Seamless Cromoly Filet Bused fame
. 26" Schwinn S-6 wheels
. Sturmey Archer AW three speed rear hub Date Code 12 54 (December 1954), Schwinn Dural (aluminum alloy) front hub
. Sturmey Archer enameled lette
fingerthumb shifter mounted on handlebars, same ones used on early Paramount Tourists that are either Stainless Steel or Chromed
. GB forged alloy Hiduminium spearpoint stem with steel drop ban and original Schwinn Racing Grips
. Weinman alloy sidepull brakes (believe original brake pads)
. Original Brooks B17 leather saddle in nice shape
. New Schwalbe puncture resistant tires and tubes f324
or S-6 size)
Bike has been fully overhauled (all bearing surfaces cleaned, inspected and repacked with fresh grease),
ready to ride away and looks fabulous (Museum quality!)
Plus tax.
This item is located in my Antique Mall booth in the city or Orange. Text Message (don't call) for address and hours.


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