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1981 Schwinn 24" mini ten-speed (like NOS) - $95 (CA)

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May 18, 2011
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Orange County, CA
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Like NOS condition mini 10-spd 'Sprint' barely ridden and stored for 40 years. 24" wheels.

Original Schwinn gumwall tires still have center mold lines and brake pads have no wear (see pic). Original grease has dried up like candle wax over the years making moving parts stiff so it will DEFINITELY need to be repacked with fresh grease by an experienced person. Handlebars & Crankset have been removed for ease of storage & transport. Sunlite/Kenda make 24"-1/4 replacement tires to fit Schwinn S-5/6. *Bonus: I will throw in a 1972 boys frame & fork for $5 if you want to convert this into a boys bike.

$95 picked up in Orange County, CA. no shipping. Email me



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