72 Typhoon..."Vlasic the Destroyer" new pics! 10/24

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Re: 72 Typhoon..."Vlasic the Destroyer" some pics! 10/16

here's the rear hub /derailleur combo. 5 speed freewheel. Arai rear drum to match the Arai drum front hub. my rims and spokes should be here tomorrow, so i can build the wheels. sorry for the crummy pic...cell phone picture.
Re: 72 Typhoon..."Vlasic the Destroyer" some pics! 10/16

That hub is a beast and those brake levers are Huge! That is going to be a beefy bike when it's done.
Re: 72 Typhoon..."Vlasic the Destroyer" new pics! 10/23

got my rims and spokes today. here are a few pics of "Vlasic the Destroyer" as of today. still working on geting some cranks and shifters, and my friend isn't done making my handlebars yet. notice the period correct tires? sweeeet!


front hub.

rear hub/derailleur.

front derailleur.

rear hub.

the picklesicle is coming together nicely !!! just wonderin if the seat is green or black, looks green from here !!! :D
haven't checked in for a bit. i'm at a standstill waiting for my bottom bracket and shifters. haven't found the shifters i want just yet, so i may have to use something else for the time being.
aw heck!!!! i was going to upload my pics this morning, as i thought today was the deadline but the "finshed klunkers" forum is locked!!! i was out of town all last week because of my grandmother's passing and thanksgiving. so am i right in assuming that if the deadline is dec. 1st, that i should be able to post my finished pics on dec. 1st?
well, here are the pics anyway. hopefully someone will let me get them on the "finished klunkers" thread. my friend didn't get the handlebars done in time for me to get them on...actually, i still don't even have them.

here's the build thread.... http://ratrodbikes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=10678

1972 Schwinn Typhoon
Arai drum brakes front and rear
Schwinn 170mm cranks
Shimano Eagle rear derailleur
Shimano Thunderbird front derailleur
motorcycle handlebars
motorcycle brake levers
factory headset and stem
Brooks B-17 saddle (green with copper colored rails and rivets)
ODI Longneck grips
Odyssey Triple Trap pedals



okay, something weird is going on.....i went to try and post my finished bike on the finished klunkers thread and it was locked. then i noticed the "baby blunkers" appeared and the thread wasn't locked. so, i tried to post, but by the time i got finished with my post and getting the links to the pics in there, the forum was locked again. what the heck is going on!?!?!?