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Dec 9, 2010
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Whatchyall listenin' to now???
I came across this great Vintage '73 tune (actually, the whole album gets my thumbs up!) the other day and I can think of no better place to share than right here in the MBBO 14 Beat Field.
I sure enjoyed the BONINE BEATS thread (qued up by Luke)and just had to post these tunes and get this thread started.
These beats should give y'all a stronger kick in the Banana seat than a pot of coffee and launch you into the goove to boogie down and get that far out and outta sight muscle bike built brothers and sisters. Right On!!!!
This song was used as an opening theme for a Canadian east coast wrestling show and feels as if it could be in the pre cable, 3 channel choice if you rotate your antenna just right days of the '70s.

I had to include this one too just because it's.......Wipeout!

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Sep 7, 2014
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Columbus OH

My electric guitar rig. Love thos celestian speakers..

never knew what this dude looked like..hilarious..


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