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Sep 12, 2006
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Is it possible to lace a 40 hole hub to a 36 hole rim..?? Yes I know ..the obvious 40/36 =4 left over . But if you evenly spaced the 4 extra holes on the hub..? . Or would it too weird to 32h hub on a 36 rim w/ 4 holes evenly spaced. with the comments of " Hey dude yer missin' some spokes ...... No Ive never tried it , or looked it up . Just putting it out there. Yes I Have Never done this.:bandit:. Ok don't all start laughing at once:21::21::21::21:
it is possible yes. Have I done it, no.:bigsmile:

I had the same question a bit back. As usual, there's a Sheldon article on it--


I fond if you search for more common hole counts, you get better search results. like "36 hole hub to 32 hole wheel"

if a front wheel, I would try for a lower spoke count straight pull situation probably.
It would be weird. Also, because right and left spoke counteract each other, you don't really have four holes left over--you have two pairs. Presumably, these pairs would be opposite each other on the hub. To account for the differences in spacing, the spoke themselves would need to be fanned out, requiring an assortment of spoke lengths.

So, the answer is it's physically possible, but not especially practical.
I did it one time long ago. 36rim/40hub. Not pretty. Not recommended. Looked funny. Weird tensions. Difficult to true. Total experiment. Bike was stolen in 92.

I will post a pic if I can find one. (the stolen Schwinn straight-bar bike).....Here it is!!
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Interesting so far:nerd:
I heard a while back that if you are able to do this, that something like the sun would turn black, the seas would turn to blood, and that beasts would come out of the depths to turn everyone into zombies...

See here, I told you so...

it is possible to do! I attempted to do it back in the early 90's but there was just one odd ball size of spokes I couldn't seem to find to complete it. If I had a spoke threader, it would have not been a issue.
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WHAT iff...you have a 40h hub + 36h rim ...and just drill 4 evenly spaced holes in the rim ..???
WHAT iff...you have a 40h hub + 36h rim ...and just drill 4 evenly spaced holes in the rim ..???

It would not be worth the time as now you'll will have come up with 4 extra spokes that will be at their own unique length which isn't the same size as any of the others.

You only need to have an even number of spokes that can pull against the other. Other wards for every ying spoke you need a yang spoke!