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Do you remember princess Harry?
Well harry n Meg's been playing Up again saying all sorts of horrible things so ive decided that princess Harry will now LOSE the shiny crank n sprocket, only to be replaced with a black set.🤣
The chrome bling will now be put on "Ambitious Muscle"
That's what happens when you write books containing horror 🤣
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It was an outstanding effort by the middle daughter(18y) and I. it was hot...stinking hot, I had to stand back in case I dripped sweat all over the frame!
we ran out of one color so had to use more light purple than I wanted. I found some lime flouro green acrylic at the hardware store for $6 and only flicked that on from a distance!
It was the most the most horrid job preparing a cantilever frame for painting. the frame had been intentionally sanded in parts to let rust, there was a few layers of old paint left in between ! it was a hard task but I got there!, i'll blow some clear over this to help it last longer tomorrow!
OK OK....Time for honesty on my part!

WE painted the frame and I forgot to even prep the forks...."DOH" and double "DOH DOH!!!"
We'd ran out of paint too Grrrrrrr, (Deja Vu happening here)
I then as an absolute must had to go to sleep for work.....checked e-mails...Canned again, storms coming in!
So I raced back to the hardware store, grabbed some more purple and also found a lavender in small tube, this meant we didnt have to mix the pruple down to a lighter shade for the 2nd color, grabbed some more pouring medium as well.....Did I mention to get this type of paint job you actually pour the paint on and not brush or air! let it run abit to get coverage and then quickly splash the lighter color then ya grab the drop outs coz its being hung from the head tube by wire loop, and twist it about 30 times, let it go and let the paint throw and splash everywhere. we did this on the back lawn and we hose it off the grass afterwards!
These forks were easier as in...I can hold them by the top tube and pour with the other hand, they came out way better than the frame, much cleaner and neat!, these will look great with the clear tomorrow.
Note the light bracket too, Yes it has a dynamo!

So with no work I had time to set the stick shift and knob onto the gear selector!
I had to insert this small thumb selector into the steel stick I had made!
On the cardboard I have two small blobs of epoxy glue, the big blob is to be mixed with some carbon chop and will go inside the stick, the smaller blod will coat around the selector to hold it in good and tight when it gets pushed into the stick!


Here they are ready to be inserted together. See the carbon chop already inside the stick, im hoping as I pressure push the stick onto the thumb selector that the chop compress's a bit as it tapers smaller inside the stick itself, the small blob of glue will give adhesion around the thumb selector as well,


They pushed together well, and tight too, theres no play or movement within so im assuming tomorrow they'll be set for life....unlike me LOL!
The stick covers about 1.5" of the selector, its inside a good distance so theres plenty of room to chuck a couple small stainless bolts through it all too!
once thats done I can mask the gear selector bit, and mask the knob ,then paint the stick was gonna be too hard to paint it first then try n fidgit about gluing everything together.
Came out great!...and you can see the clamp where I just slip it over the stand I made and tighten it when its time to rebuild.

Wheel day today. as you can see im running with shagadelicious alternative vibe, I think its gonna contrast quite well.
I even like the green on black scheme going on in the paint stand dept.


And Gear shifter day too, Running with the shagga vibe with the wheels to balance it out a bit.
those with a keen eye will notice the very slight change in tone from the stick compared to the wheels....What happened was...."DOH"
I used all the undercoat silver on the wheels and forgot to put some on the stick, I had to paint the stick on bare sanded metal so it took a few more coats but it never really suffice's the use of an under your gonna see!!!


We've had another monumental failure in the painting of the frame and forks.

in my haste ive tried to "Topundercoat" the frame (prime/paint all in one coat) , it was sanded to bare metal and I was unaware by using acrylic its actually water based...!!! "UH OH"....RUST!
Im absolutely flabergasted at how quick this came through. If you go back to the pic of the forks from yesterday you can actually see rust starting to bubble out of the now dried paint, at first I thought it was just a dirty lense....couldnt have been more wrong in my life! that pic of the forks was taken only 6hrs after painting.
24 hrs after the frames painted and I look at it this morning and was devastated.
Its absolutely ruined and by all certainty has to be stripped and re-painted....PROPERLY...Grrrrrrrr
Of corse I have no time so i'll still re-build the bike, it will however not receive a clear coat of any description, gonna save that can for after the build off when it'll be stripped and re-done.
Really annoyed at myself but a big massive lesson learned here!

OMG!!! wife has just informed me theres only 30 days in november... Can you beleive at 50+ yrs I still thought nov had 31 days Grrrrrrr!
I literally will be rebuilding this on the 1st of dec here in australia, I got till 10am tomorrow morning to make it!
It's going ahead ....rusty paint job or not LOL!
OMG!!! wife has just informed me theres only 30 days in november... Can you beleive at 50+ yrs I still thought nov had 31 days Grrrrrrr!
I literally will be rebuilding this on the 1st of dec here in australia, I got till 10am tomorrow morning to make it!
It's going ahead ....rusty paint job or not LOL!
12 noon CST

Not sure what time zone exactly you are. 11 hours from now!
Ah yes, the darn 30 days in November.

Seeing your modern Scott bike there reminds me of the similar bike I received this year, that it would be good to repaint and build something with.
Well I backed off everything, had a day of rest on my Bday and finished the bike this morning!
Because I missed the deadline I decided I really liked the polo seat instead of the banana!
So I ran with it and it came out like this!

I took it for a ride, we have a seemless transition of the gears and the stick shifter works better than anything ive made so far!
From the rear its got a mean look! Turned out way better in appearance than I envisioned, I dont mind the green on purple contrast!
Ive still to attach the plate some place but cant do it yet, oldest daughters boyfriend is staying over, Dont wanna wake him, he's in the army 100kgs + no hair, tattoo's and loads bombs all day LOL...he can have his beauty sleep!
I did however nail the seat height and placement!, theres only a very small gap between the tire profile and the springs! it shoots the pier nicely!

And I even put the light on...funny thing is it was working before I removed it from the old forks it came with, but after attaching it here it now dosnt work.... could be just the bulb!, its the old incandescent style.
So while it was really sad I missed the deadline I still have an upbeat mood happening now this bikes done! only missed out by a couple hrs but it really is my fault....that bloody 30 days in november ha ha ha !
whats next is......Dunno.....some more blue meanie mods, still gotta finish "project stealth mode" the drifter trike needs new wheels n rear brakes (went to the mini quad) but thats gonna require a couple hundred bucks, I may even get back into the house and finish our ensuite, thats another 2 yr job in the waiting, I stripped it and...and.... well we just been using the main bathroom since!

Managed to get the plate on, I used that flexi hard polyurethane thingy to secure it to the bracket I welded in....Yes thats right, welding on the frame after painting LOL, the paints coming off in a few days, just gotta get a couple other things out the way first. it wont rust to death in a week or 2 but I better not leave it any longer than that!
So you can see here I used Ambitious as the name and because its a muscle bike and qualified by means of MBBO 2 outa three rules, I went with the word "muscle underneath, I was hoping that word would of been bigger than that but hey at $8 im gonna skate with it!
anyway heres "Ambitious Muscle"

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