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Mar 3, 2021
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I know this being site is about all about rat rods so I guess this one fits here as it is a conglomeration of a few bikes culminating in this awesome Schwinn Krate Pea Picker. Most of these bikes are 3 and 5 speed so not as desirable it is certainly more rare. I love my coaster brakes so this fits right in with my collection. It came to me as a mangled '71 Krate but the frame was too damaged to use. I found another frame ,a 1970 so the bike is actually getting older haha. I had some correct parts and purchased some others. The spring fork was damaged and repaired in the past leaving the fork legs about 1/2 inch shorter than they should be. Instead of trying to straighten them any further I simply drilled new holes in the beat up truss rods and I'm good to go. The combination of spring fork and spring sissy bar make for an almost unnerving but very smooth ride.


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