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Aug 3, 2010
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So officially starting this build.

Nexus 4 wheelset
Lookin' promising!
Why won't you keep the original paint? It looks to be in a good condition.
Just not digging the color and it is scraped up in a few places.
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Got the bike broken down for sanding and painting. Here you can better see the scrapes and scuffs. It was born to be a Klunker. I also found these bars and stem that I kinda dig.
so blacked out with gold accent parts and gold stencils or what?
Kinda thinking along these lines but instead of black and white it would be black and gold... Original style modern colors. Then probably add some anodized gold parts to the mix and some tasteful decals. Got something special coming for it I'll reveal soon.

Image I found on Google not mine.
nnflw0e8grr71 (1).jpg
Getting it scuffed up and ready for some paint.
Now you see it...

Now you don't.
Mail call! I can now reveal my "Something Special" I spent $50 on this pad set but I could not find a more perfect set. I am very happy.

Then I got my other decals in after USPS decided to send them for a tour of the USA. From New York to Indianapolis then to California and back to Indiana. 
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Slinging some paint. Did some red oxide primer that I had laying around which worked great. This gold paint tends to be thin and prone to runs so this primer works well as a base for the gold because it creates a porous surface so the paint will lay and layer nicely. Once this cures I can apply the masks and give it a few coats of black.
closeup of the color. The zoomed out shots make it look more red than it is. I painted this in the dark so if it turns out bad I have an
The theme is really going to be carried out by your acquisitions. Nice planning.
Planning? This is winging it and getting lucky. Thanks though. I have been wanting to build a clean Klunker for a while now just didn't know what colors to do or how to really make it cool. Something that looks good and performs better. I got a bargain on this Nexus 4 speed bike and already had this straight fork Schwinn, so I was surfing for a movie to watch one night and it hit me like a ton of bricks as soon as I saw it. I threw in Smokey and the bandit and watched it again I decided then that was exactly the attitude a Klunker bike needs.
Got the Bandit masked up and sprayed the black. Had kinda a weird reaction on the paint and had some bubbling in a few places over the gold but after the second coat it disappeared. I also had some of the gold paint lift when I peeled the decal masks around the edges but I think that's due to me pressing the edge really well because I didn't want paint to seep under but I can touch that up with a little bit of pinstriping. Or I could just call it "patina" and send it.
this will later be covered by the stem pad but just to make it pop under the pad let's do gold.... This gold is a tricky paint have to do ultra light coats from 6 feet away or it runs like crazy.
That Roadmaster on the right is such a beauty!!
Thanks got that in Marion, frame was free and he let me have the chain guard, tank, and fenders for $30. I couldn't say no.
thinking about painting it to match my Western Flyer
I got it from Frank in Marion. I've actually got quite a few from him in 3 trips. Last trip I got 11 bikes in a single haul. Lots of girl's frames, lots of parts, and a few nice bikes. Great guy to deal with.
This is what became of the old red CWC men's frame with the rotted out back end that was in his scrap pile.
also bought the bent stingray. It's mostly straight now.
Had a minor hickup with the stem... it doesn't fit the fork. For now I just threw these bars back on so I can move it around also threw the wheels on there to get an idea of how it looks together and I like it. Can't wait to get my gumwall tires and the rest of my decals. Have new spoke heads coming too. I have another BMX style stem I think I can use but Imma have to find a wedge bolt that's a little slimmer or grind this one down a hair or two.
Went over and installed the decal on the seat tube and I think I may have figured out a chain guard the Nexus 4 Cruiser that donated the wheelset is a dead on match to the tabs this bike has. Lined up perfectly.


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Mail call!

License plate
Yes sir Georgia plates BAN ONE
B-A-N da da da dash O-N- E.

Also got my tires. I think the black and gum colors will play well off the black and gold.
Got the new gumwall tires installed and man they look good. Also mocked up the chain guard, popped the crank bearing cup out of the frame and put the chain guard bracket in then pounded the cup back in. Then with everything nice and aligned I took the chain guard off the bracket sanded it down, and shot some black on it. I found the crank that came off the Nexus and it's in nice shape so I'm just gonna paint the chainring and call it good. Tomorrow I'm gonna see if I can find a different stem or even stem bolt so I can use the BMX bars I have.

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