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Jul 18, 2016
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Hey guys!
I just managed to find this bike -the day after "World Domination By FatBike" Day. Barn find, had to drive 2 hours to pick it up, and it's really not in bad shape.
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So, it's a Felt Speedway 2-SP (2015-2017), and I want to turn it back to original as possible. I know there are a few of you guys here who have Speedways - and if you have a source for the "Down on the Upside" handlebars, I'l love to get the info.
Looks like the bike just needs bars, seat and more redder (less pinker) paint to get it back to original.

Been looking for one of these for years!
Looks like it had ball end style grips originally. I might know where to get some if you care to. ahem.
OK. Put in the order. You have the best looking grips man!
Once I get the bars, and get your grips on - I'll send you a photo and you can use it on your eBay site.
Order number: 10-10918-17940
Thanks for the sale, it is much appreciated. Sorry no coupon codes. My profits are razor thin these days. I will def include your photo, thank you.
Just to let you know - it's coming along nicely.

Paint's done, new bottom bracket/crank arms/sprocket, seat and seatpost, new chain, cleaned and re-greased wheelset bearings... Awaiting the OEM "Down-on-the-upside" handlebars, imported from the front range in Colorado!


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I saw one for sale at a bike shop a couple years ago. $800 if remember it right.
I saw one for sale at a bike shop a couple years ago. $800 if remember it right.
Man, would have loved to have found a NOS one! But now that I have this one - it's getting better every day with some upgraded parts that still keep it looking original.

Your response came at a great time. My GF asked me yesterday how much I had into the bike?
Even with the new parts + the original $200 for the barn find, I'm still WAY below what the bike might cost at an LBS.
I gotta say...Ive never been a fan of fat tire bikes, but then again, Ive never seen one of these before. Now I want one. Tough lookin sled!!!:inlove:

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