Battery powered Retro Bullet Headlights

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Jul 1, 2013
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Birmingham, AL
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I ordered a 3 led bullet light off ebay, thinking the LEDs would be brighter......this thing is a piece of crap. It barely casts light on the street. I was curious if any of you guys had found a good battery powered bullet light with decent lighting. I really don't want to use dynamo powered light. Thanks in advance!

I have been using the bodies and installing flashlight heads in them.
I found one at Walgreen for $5.99 that has 24? L.e.d.s, bright!
Note, these light burn up with 9 volts, you have to wire up the battery pack. Solder connections.
Use good batteries.
Thanks man. I have one of those on my watch list so I am glad to know it is a good one.

I love the build of your Gulf bike! That turned out awesome!
Here's another one that works good.

The trick is to find ones that use the Cree LED. These are small flat square LEDs. Much brighter than the old style. This light is distinctive in that it just has a rocker switch with a clear vinyl cover over it. Cheaper than the one listed above and they also have them in black.
The reflectalite guys are great to deal with and shipping is very reasonable .
I would just get an old dynamo light and convert it.
I bought a repop 2 d cell fender light and put a 200 lumen maglite bulb in it works great.