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Apr 29, 2021
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Well, it's here, done, finished, ready, yay!

It has been a long road, with many things happening that have attempted to keep me from completing the task - from a loss of recent memory to war breaking out in the next door country. It has been a busy time in my garages too, having started in my farm workshop and then switching later to my city garage.

There have been many changes in direction, but it has all come together, and I am pleased with the result.


The essential idea was to have a bike that represented the years that I spent working in development at Norton and Ford, where ideas for bikes and cars would come together as a mass of old and new parts, as well as the machines I see being ridden on the internet that combine motorbike and bicycle style. It also owes a lot to the motorbikes I used to make and ride back in the 1980s - a mix of old and new components, like something old you might see being raced today. It also has a three-speed derailleur that was a standard fitment to certain Polish Romet bikes.
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