Beach Picnic: Done, and she likes it!

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Mar 12, 2009
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Tempe, AZ
My deadline was our six year anniversary and I made it... scrambled at the last second for a front fender brace and still needs a matching one on the back, but for now I'm calling it done. A few things the pics don't pick up:
1. The seat is my pride and joy! Thanks to Sean for the idea and it's holding really nice... This is the rattiest part: I cut up two beer cans and used the metal from them as shims to hold the seat post inside the sawed off seat tube... sweet!
2. The "streamers" are actually sea shells strung together.
3. The wheels took me a week! 1 day to cut out 73 checkers (by hand), 2 days to paint the wheels white, another 2 to checker them up and coat them in red and then came the fun part: truing my first wheels ever... that's a good time :shock:
4. The one thing my wife required: a cup holder for her Starbucks. Done.

She loved it! It was the color (Cherry Red, not orange like some of the pics!) she wanted and the theme. We took it out to the beach this weekend and she got a ton of compliments (helps that she's pregnant with our first!) and I even got two offers for it! :eek:
Thanks for the chance to put it in here, it was a blast! Next bike, I'll working on my pictures: both in the artistic abilities and also in the details... as in, I forgot to document some steps... oh well, there's always RBBO 5, right? Thanks guys and good luck to all...







wow very nice that is an awesome bike....i love the wheels....i remeber when i first trued my own wheel took me like 6 hrs for :lol:
Yea, I'm talkin' about the bike, nicely done. :)

Wicker basket, anyone?
Thanks for the compliments guys.

Is the rear wheel larger than the front?

I love Oceanside. In fact I'm wearing my 101 Cafe t-shirt right now.

Oceanside is one of our favorite spots too! Right after I posted the pics, I noticed that the front wheel looks small, but it's the same size: 26". The rear fender is off an Electra and it's too wide for the frame and a little big for the wheel, I think that may have done it!

Wicker basket, anyone?

It's coming! A few things to add are a good rear rack, a front white picnic style basket and some wider bars... it's a little crazy with the narrow ones... but, time was of the essence :lol:
Mrs. Vulture and I really like this one! great job on the seat too :mrgreen:
i think my next build will also be for the wife
(happy wife---happy life :wink: )

congrats on a nice build!