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Nice build! 700 wheels? That style is getting more and more popular, as people start to realize that they're basically gravel bikes
Yes sir 700 wheels. My very first one!
My original idea was a gravel bike with drop bars.

Moved away from that idea due to what I had on hand was more a flat bar build.

I still want to build a gravel bike with dropbars. I’m looking out for a vintage GT with 700 size wheels.
Starting Point:

Welded rack, locked stem, half the rear hub is missing, fork jammed in, missing light lens and dish., unhinged rear original reflector tied with twine to keep it from wobbling around loose in the reflector housing eons ago, wrong grips, maybe wrong bars., the original parts of the hub were from a New Departure Model D, laced front and back into original painted hoops.



A bit of initial cleaning using Mineral Spirits, a Green Pad, some Warm Water in a Mickeys grenade with a nylon brush, and a few blue towels..
By this point we also switched wheels over to rebuilt Drop Centers with heavy duty spokes and new nips. Polished front and rear New Departure Model D/A.
In swapping wheels, I had to get those Hideous Wallyworld corner tires off 🤢

So I went to pick up four sets at the local LBS and put on a set of Indian Head BlackWalls initially, from that purchase. It took me TWO DAYS to even really look at the other tires with any interest, now having the old bird riding on original rubber.. lo and behold there was also a set of original NOS Ribbed US Royal Chains in the lineup I didn't even realize. Needless to say, I felt she deserved them, over the still great former choice. The saddle was a no brainer, I had a really great pan lying around from a repaint partout and always liked the aesthetic and ride on the bare top. Closed the changed of the day with some Crown Oil valve caps to keep it era correct.

Still unsatisfied with how the original pins pop in a photo, even with a strong edit, I got back to cleaning and again, grabbed my grenade and brush, turtle rubbing compound and polish. More mineral spirits and a finish of Dove and Warm Water.



Finally got it pretty much where I was happy with the paint and just recently fit up a dropstand I picked up from a local friend and a Tab from the Cabe. Using my vice grips, pinched the under head threads of two bolts to sieze the nut before it tightens down on the dropstand end. They're a temporary fix but worked amazingly well in a pinch. I'll add those photos when it's a bit warmer.
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People in Canada drink that, when they have Molson? I don’t get it.
It's a beer brand other than Molson, one of many available. I believe he was using it for the unique bottle shape, has a larger, resealable opening, which makes it useful to him for soap and water
People in Canada drink that, when they have Molson? I don’t get it.
They were refered to as Mickey's Big mouths maybe they still are. The extra large opening allowed them to go down super fast, you can pour them down your throat if you wish. At 16 years old it got us where we wanted to go quickly. Beside my buddy worked at the local convenience store and the cases used to walk right out the door with us. The 0$ cost was right in our budget hahahahaha. Lots of headaches from that quality malt liquor
Mickey’s was popular in Calif in the mid 70s when we were young and poor.

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