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Hampton Illinois multi-war memorial. Missing most of the brass plaques. (they were in the town hall next door).
inscriptions on the corners to several wars including the Blackhawk indian war. The monument faces the Mississippi river and is right next to the Mississippi River Trail (MRT). Great place to ride. Very scenic and flat (Pft). Oh I got I got a flat about 10 miles later. Blew a hole in the tire. Ring, ring, Mom?

The bike is a Schwinn Prelude in red, white and blue.
“In a moldy old hall in Detroit that they call the Maritime sailor’s Cathedral….”

Edmund Fitzgerald went down the year after we moved away from Minnesota.
We have a cool old place like that in downtown Fresno but it is not a very great place to ride to on a bicycle.

They have been fixing this place up for over 50 years now since I moved to California. There’s a higher rez image if you click on it, but just go to their website.
There are no markers for the most important sights in New York as it's all been erased by development but this is Gravesend Bay, shores of the first major conflict of 1776 known as The Battle of Long Island. Liberty far left dwarfed by Jersey's ever growing skyline.

Good morning from up east!