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My update - I used the fine grit valve grinding compound and it seemed to take out the imperfections left behind by the corrosion and bad ball brgs. The next step was to smooth out the fine scratches in the races. Using a metal polishing powder and water paste, I grabbed the dremmel tool and felt wheel (only because it was laying there) and as I expected it spun too fast even on the slowest setting. I then used my hand drill which took a little time but worked nicely. I don't have any pics (camera issues) but hope to show the loose brgs installed in my GIGI build. When I get pics I will post them there.......
That sounds like excellent progress!

As it is winter I am spending most of my time in the city, taking the opportunity to overhaul my Wigry and Turing 2 that I keep here, particularly replacing their BB and cranks. I have already found some light damage to the non-crank side bearings, so I should have a small supply to experiment with when get back on my farm in the spring.
The weather is nice, and here in Krasnystaw you can see quite a few old Romets. I found two here at our local supermarket.


This one is a Jubilat 2, and it has the bubble moulded seat, but this one still has classic springs at the back. It is in really nice condition for a thirty to forty year old bike, still with most of its original features in good condition.
This is the first one of these I have seen as a Romet and recognised - other than as someone riding something down a road.

I may have the same model hanging in my Warsztat, but that is on our farm and we are currently in the city, but that was not marked as a Romet and the state of the welding of those short bits between the down tubes was shoddier. I have also never seen these handlebars before, and they look quite nice


Now here on the other side, you can tell that it is an earlier frame because the dynamo is in the classic Romet rear wheel position rather than on the front forks.


This bike must be 30-40 years old, but it is in fantastic condition.

It is also outside our favorite supermarket which, along with all the local kids bicycles locked up here, it is a good place to see bikes owned by older people in the town.
Here is my version of the above bike, much younger at about 25 years old, from the period when so many Romets were built without any reference to Romet. This one was branded for a bike shop that no longer exists, far from Eastern Poland.


The little bits of tubing connecting the front tubes are different, and not fully welded on, just kind of tacked in place. The Amsterdam behind it is a different bike, in terms of quality.
Another Romet at my favorite spotting place, and in the window on the second picture you can also see the previous Romet I covered here.

This is the Wagant, available in either 5 or 10 speed versions, and on sale between the 1970s and the 1990s. This one looks like it is from the 1970s, judging by the seat.


It looks like a decent bike, but the frame was heavy as they used a cheaper steel, which made it prone to crack down by the BB. However, this is Krasnystaw, home to many older riders still riding sensibly on their first adult bike.

Apparently they had Romet, Favorit and Shimano derailleurs, and this looks like a Favorit.


I would like that front sprocket and also that aluminium shield behind the rear hub.