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OG Colorado MTB Cliche', the bike is worth more than the truck.


Out at the local shakedown to fine tune the John Player Instrument of Destruction. That bike is utterly ridiculous. An old friend of mine is a FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot and I'm thinking about asking him to get some video of it. Video or it didn't happen, right? I'm not about the dime-a-dozen GoPoo helmetcam jive. Go Big, or Fuggedaboutit.
I love a frame that is built to fit; no adjustable seatpost needed. Especially when considering KCI's inseam (he is notoriously tall), that Sendero is exceptional. Shred it!
It has a Wolf Tooth QR collar and I normally run whole rides with the saddle down on it. Sitting slows me down too much on some trails. In the down position, the Thomson seat post only shows the first two letters and the O is cut off to form a C. Fitting

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