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Aug 16, 2008
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Spanish Fork, Utah
I originally planned on doing more to the bike and having more black, but this is where it ended up. I put it together for the neighbors. The entire cost for the build was only $63. Even though it was a simple build, it was fun. I tried some things I hadn't done before like all of the gold designs, rope, and white chain. I really wanted to put some small hoop ear rings toward the top of the rear fender. I may try to get it back long enough to put them on and take another pic. For now I am calling it done as it is no longer in my possesion. I think the neighbors like it.








i kinda like it.
i like the filigree on the rims, and the tire selection.
i really dig the chainring and cottered crank, pedals. heck. i like it all.
nice job.
Nice job, love the frame shape. did the rims and wheels fit ok, i had to bend my frame to heck and back to get the fats on. love the rope work, makes for an interesting lookwould love to learn how to pin stripe , good job looks great :D
Thanks, The wheels and tires fit well. I used whitewalls I got from K-Mart. They said they were 2.125" wide on the tire, but I measured them at 1.78". Any wider would not have fit. There is less than 1/4 " clearance.
nice bike. i too am building up a "girl's" bike (early 60's hawthorne, for my wife) even though im getting a late start. raelly dig the art work on the rims. what brand was that bike by the way?
yep, i am happy. nice clean lines. yeah, Black Wicked would go good with her. great job.

Thanks again for the comments.
The neighbors just told me they went for their first family bike ride the other day. I am glad to see it being used.