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Finally I'm going to finish up the Blue Tiger. I have a couple extra coaster hubs that I ordered recently. The previous hubs were good, so I ordered a couple more before they went back to being bad.
I've got 2.40 blue tires from another build.

The rear wheel will be a coaster now. Just a standard muscle bike.
My shop is laden with clothes drying, so I can't do any dirty work on my build off bike. This will probably get new paint tomorrow. Still have a stuck seatpost.
I took it to the bike shop where they didn't even make an attempt. They knew better. They sent me to the machine shop in town. Normally it would have to be something valuable to employ a machine shop, but not here. They heated up the frame and got the stem out. The wife paid them with 2 liters of cola and a couple loaves of bread. It's called merienda over here, a snack or refreshment. It was for the gate guards at our subdivision, but we picked up more on the way home.

While at the shop getting the two wheels trued, I asked how much was the new frames. They make them here in the Philippines. 700 pesos, less than 14 dollars, so I bought one along with another pair of handlebars.

So the old dented blue frame will get hung up on the wall and everything will go on the new bike. Chrome forks and frame with blue tires should look pretty good.
08 May bb.jpg
I put the tires on the rims and gave it a look. So far so good.
09 May 24 tires.jpg

The headtube is a smaller diameter than the standard 1". I have another Philippines made frame that way, on the Red Tiger. The caps are the same thickness as the headtube and can't be pressed in. I've looked and can't find those size caps unless I buy a whole bike. On the Red Tiger, I cut a slot out of each cap, the squeezed them in to the headtube. The bearings still fit, just a tight fit but they were able to work. So that's what I'll do to this also.
09 May 24 headset.jpg
The bike shop says they have caps that will fit this frame, so I'm going there tomorrow, no electricity all day so it's a road trip day. I'll take some standard caps with me as I don't think they have the right size. I also asked if they could get that frame in a 26" size. That would be the cat's meow for 14 dollars.😺
Other than that, it's about ready. The chainwheel finally showed up and I scrounged through all my handlebars for this black pair along with an old seat. The new laid back post is also gtg.

14 May 24.jpg
I had to use a clamp like a press for the BB cups, so I thought the headset cups might go in that way. I used the big clamp again and pressed them in.

15 May press.jpg
It's all done except for a kickstand. I trimmed the fork and got it all roadworthy.
20 May a.jpg

20 May a.jpg