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Metal Militia said:
oh man, that sting ray is bad! just like my first bike, an old schwinn with a couple of bmx touches. here's one of mine. 1981 huffy super thunder pro 24.

Wow just spotted this on page 1 of this thread! We got TWINS!

Hey! I haven't posted on here for quite a while, but I still lurk pretty regularly! I moved into an apartment and had to put most of my bikes in storage, so I haven't had much to post in the way of rat rods. I have a few bikes in my apartment still, mainly BMX stuff since it's what I ride most these days. This is my hand built in Austin, Texas Liquor OG as I had it built up 3 years ago:

And here it is now:

Major changes I've made:
forks: were Subrosa Pandoras >> now American made FBM CB4K's
wheels: were We The People Supreme hubs laced to Odyssey Hazard Lites >> now G-Sport Marmoset and Ratchet hubs laced to G-Sport Ribcage rims (just had these custom built by Empire last week, the toughest wheels in the world...)
pedals: were Odyssey PC >> now Odyssey Jim Cielencki magnesium
chainwheel: was FBM 6 Pack 25t >> now Animal Light 27t
seat and post: were Macneil pivotal and Kink stubby post >> now FBM slim pivotal and Primo 330mm post
stem: was FBM Bottleneck (built in bottle opener!!) >> now S&M Redneck XLT

I've been through about 3 sets of bars (Grand Slams, Slams, Perfect Tens, maybe something else I can't remember) but have ended up back with a set of S&M Grand Slam XLTs, they just feel so much better than anything else out there.
I also rode Fit F.A.F. 2.25 tires for years, but I wore through them really quickly and recently switched to Odyssey Chase Hawk tires, 2.4 front and 2.2 rear, and they're way tougher.
This bike is built like they were back in the midschool tank days: everything is way overbuilt and it weighs a ton (33 pounds!), but it's the best bike I've ever owned and I still love riding it every day. It's been through some terrible wrecks and cased tricks, and it doesn't have any damage except for some scrapes in the powdercoat. Hope you guys dig it.
Nice bike JN, I remember drooling at that bike when it had the Perfect Tens on it ... couple years ago maybe ??? Nice to see your still around :mrgreen:
CCR said:
Nice bike JN, I remember drooling at that bike when it had the Perfect Tens on it ... couple years ago maybe ??? Nice to see your still around :mrgreen:

Thanks! I loved the look of this thing when it had the Perfect 10s on it, but those things are huge! I could never get used to riding them, they made the bike handle like a boat. I'm gonna use them on an Eastern Reaper that's a little too small for me, see if they make it a little roomier for trail riding. As soon as it's nice out, I'll get some pictures of the 1992 S&M Challenger I just finished building!
New to the site. I'm working on getting a 50's style bike to play with.

I had this frame, fork and bars custom built by Greg Melms.

Custom one-off frame
Custom one-off fork
Custom one-off bars
Retro Pro Neck stem
FSA sealed headset
A'ME Tri grips
Odyssey 41 Thermal seat post
Retro Lightning Bolt seat
Helix custom polished seat clamp
Shimano DXR brake and lever
Phil Wood hubs
Crupi dropout savers
Chrome double wall rims
Stainless spokes
White Industries ENO freewheel 18t
Duro Comp III tires from Porkchop
Redine double pinch Flights w/ custom decals
Profile Euro bottom bracket
Rennen chainwheel
JP Pro Round pedals
KMC chain














Found this on Sunday, its nice, thinking about stripping the paint as the frame is completely chrome underneath, then adding new decals.
What do you guys think?

For real, please don't strip that bike. It looks like the paint is still in pretty decent shape for a survivor. If you really, 100% want a chrome bike, sell the Redline and use the cash to get one.
OK, I was only thinking about it. Thing is apparently no one has (or wants to give me) any info about the RedLine. Ive posted it here and at a few other forums and have had zero replies. Anyways Ill keep it as is, I'll give it a better cleaning and repack every thing. Will post pics when I'm done. :wink:

78 mongoose i put together for my daughter. had a bunch of old parts, i had no idea when i got it for $5! haro group one neck, dia compe 1000 brakes, acs hubs, its a cool bike.