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WIND EATER logo.jpg
Very cool!!!
Crank it up to 11 and.........

In case anyone cares why Brood XIX is in the name, Here's why.

And if you missed how WIND EATER got added, @Da Gas Man astutely noticed what I didn't catch that was right in front of me!
As I stated before, I'm being guided by the Deiselpunk style. But only to a point. It won't be full-tilt Deiselpunk with hoverjets replacing the wheels and I won't be dressing up and carrying sci-fi weapons when I ride it.


It will be in some ways the reverse mindset. I want it to look like something that inspired Deiselpunk instead of being inspired by the aesthetic.
Here's my concept rendering so far. I haven't started playing with the handlebars and headlight area but I have some ideas. The color will be changed later but for now it was easier just to stick with the base color and add to it.

Wind Eater.jpg
That flows so well.
You may have noticed the horizontal chrome trim running along the center of the bike in the rendering above.

side trim.JPG

I always dig through chrome trim parts when I see them at car swap meets and buy things that look like they might have future potential. As luck would have it, I dug these out of my collection and they look like they were made for it!


Here's one laying on the original plastic guard. It's practically a perfect match!

I'm really liking the vibe of this concept.
Muted def looks better on the laptop. Sorry for this but I have to do a brief hijack and ask about this bike you posted in kf's thread. You said it was a client's. Did you build this for him or did he use your tank ad build it himself? It's a real stunner I hadn't seen before.

View attachment 267273
It was built by @Pauliemon in California a few years ago and won several awards including first place at the Sacramento Autorama!

This was the starting point!

This is how it looks today after another makeover!
That’s amazing. Wondered what the lower tank was but now see it’s the original girls tank.

When I look at those trim pieces I keep thinking they would fit nicely on an old skateboard deck.
When I look at those trim pieces I keep thinking they would fit nicely on an old skateboard deck.
That would be cool! If I had another set or knew what they came off of to find more I would try that.

:39: Hmmm, maybe a skateboard build-off would be fun to do sometime!

Here's a ratrod lowrider that I did several years ago!