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Jan 12, 2013
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Clearwater FL
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Guys and gals, I have been so taken by anothers build, I stole the idea!
Cafe bike, a stripped down cruiser, for racing to the next cafe! Just understand in Europe a cafe isn't limited to only selling people back in, "the day," raced from one to the next. My only question is what did the cafe run out of to make it a race?
So to me that means it's probably going to have gears, drop or flat bars, and have the, "look."
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this bike I saw in NYC is a singlespeed, but otherwise meets your requirements I think:

IMG_0343 by ijt64, on Flickr
my plans for my buildoff bike are very café-racer inspired.... but it'll be fixed gear and have flipped northroads for a drop-bar look...but real dropbars on a Worksman are uncomfortable for a 6-footer.
Miss Fit

This is my idea for a Café bike:
24” wheels with 24X2.1 tire on front and high pressure (100psi) 24X2.5 Maxxis Hookworm rear; road bike drop bars and 52T-39T Shimano BioPace 175mm crank the ‘new’ pedals are off of a Giant Stiletto, the banana seat was used to allow a low-profile seating position set-back to reduce aerodynamic drag (thus the reason for the 24”-wheels to reduce windage and lower the center of mass/gravity), the sissy bar was put on because I almost feel-off the rear of the bike when I went over a bump at full flight with a standard low bar.

This bike is a thrill to ride, it’s fast and maneuverable – the only downside is that it is a little uncomfortable on longish rides of over 15-miles, but once on the way, it gets faster and better to ride on any paved or hard-pack bicycle trail.

She’s not very practicable or beautiful for that matter, but she sure is a lot of fun to ride! :)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I actually dig it…then again I’ve been told that I have strange tastes