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Wheel size isn’t the determination for “rideable”. Frame size is

I ride with a guy that’s only 5’4 with a ridiculously short inseam and he rides a size S Specialized 29’er without issue. Frame size and design is the key
I wish 5'4 I do it at 5'1 with 30 legs in pants. I ride a 29er no problem all depends on the frame.
Oh, I'm only 5'8. My 27.5 Leafcycle is almost too big for me.....

I should have put a smiley after the sentence.....

I rode bmx exclusively for 15 years and then I preferred low-seated 26" cruisers. I'm just used to "small" bikes. The Leafcycle isn't to big, but it feels like an SUV in some way with his wide wheelbase.... :grin:


I know, it's difficult to understand......:crazy: