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Jan 26, 2009
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San Jose, CA
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My neighbor across the street was cleaning out her backyard. She was having a junk hauler come haul everything in the backyard. Luckily, I was able to save a few items.

I got four toolboxes, a wagon, 14-28' extension ladder, miter saw and rear bed (disassembled) for a 73-76 Chevy stepside truck. There was much more to take, including more woodworking tools and other junk, but my garage and side yard are already full and I didn't have time to take more. The junk man got himself some good stuff, though, after me.









Also picked up a women's Huffy Monterey Breeze cruiser from her.

Some of the tools haven't been used at all and were still sealed. Now I need to go through the toolboxes to see what I'll keep and what I'll get rid of. I have a guy who wants the old Snap-On toolbox. He had one when he was younger and went through a divorce. The wife took all of his tools, including the toolbox.
i bet that old school snap on stuff is worth some dough!
blink said:
i bet that old school snap on stuff is worth some dough!

Probably is worth a few hundred $$$. Not sure what I should do, though. I like the toolbox, but have no room for it. Nor do I have any vintage Snap On tools to put inside. I could use the extra $$$ by selling it, but later on I might kick my self in the .... for getting rid of it.
uhhhh.....yeah. i'd call that a pretty good score.
can i borrow that horse shoe when yer done :lol:
Just sold the ladder on CL for $50. It's out of my garage.

The story is that she was renting a room to a guy that lost his house. She allowed him to bring all of his stuff over and when he moved out two years ago, he left it all behind. She kept asking him to come pick it up, and he always said that he's coming, but never showed up. She got tired of having the stuff all over her backyard and finally decided to dump it all.

I would have grabbed everything there, but my wife was getting pissed at the stuff I was bringing home, so I stopped. It cost the lady $$$ to dump that stuff. It would have cost her less had I taken mostly everything.

I was lucky enough to get what I was able.