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Feb 9, 2008
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Ok I'm done with this build. I took a bunch of pictures, because in my opinion this is my best one.
I hope you enjoy. :wink:






Like many other folks on RRB, I'm a big fan of your bike designs. This one may be my favorite yet!
In particular, I like the rear triangle and the dropouts. They look perfect.

Build on sir!

Dr. T
That is awesome! Looks great how it is but I always got to think of something I'd change so here goes... What if you made it a loop tail? :mrgreen:
Thanks everybody. I'm glad yall like it. I have built lots of them. but this one turned out better
than I had hoped for. I hate a shifter cable ,but the Nexus has to have one...well or leave it in
one gear all the time. Wasn't really too hard to string it through the frame. I welded a couple
small nuts on the chain stay. I had that chrome cable clamp that has never found a home, so I
stuck it on there too. Its not doing anything but looking cute.
So I think this will be my signature build if nobody pops up and says they designed this frame
two years ago. :shock: :shock: I may do another kinda like it.
my wife has been painting the inside of our house and I have to do a little to the outside so
building frames will have to go to the back burner for a while. Its been fun though. :wink:
This one turned out great if you feel that it starts taking up too much space let me know I'm sure i could make some space for it. :wink:
Migz Chuck said you have a bunch already. :lol: :lol: :lol: Yours look lots better than mine.

Thanks DT, its a decent bike and it does ride sweet. I'm all around happy with it.
Went for a quick ride around the neighborhood. Its funny my wife's bike is quite a
bit different than mine....well some anyway. They get some looks.

Since I have a bunch of them Luke I guess it would be his hers theirs thems those others.
I need to get them all out sometime for a group picture, even though you have seen them all. :D
Migz does have a real nice collection of bikes but I can say having an Uncle Stretch Creation in the bunch is a good feeling. It's like a legend built you a hotrod...
Uncle Stretch said:
Migz Chuck said you have a bunch already. :lol: :lol: :lol: Yours look lots better than mine.

Thanks DT, its a decent bike and it does ride sweet. I'm all around happy with it.
Amazing work as usual! I love the floating crank on this one the most.
Glad you like them Tornadofan but you would have a hard time getting either one of these away from us.
My wife won't even let me ride the yellow one. :roll:

That is funny Chuck ,I guess I could change my name to Arlen Ness.
I appreciate you have such high regards for my builds. You have lots of them. :wink:

Thanks Kingfish, I'm glad you like it. Turned out pretty good. Still have one more
that I'm dreaming up , when I get back in the mood to build another.