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Jul 30, 2013
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I never seem to get too far on the build-offs, but that won't stop me from trying to finish one. My entry will be this 1953 Roadmaster that I've christened "Cantankerous." Plans call for nothing more than a mild resto-ratting...mostly bodywork, paint, and mechanical refurbishment. Saddle will need some attention, but most everything else, just cosmetics.

Super detailing an awesome tank bike is always a winner.

Love the color :thumbsup:
Those CWC Roadmasters are awesome.
Love the shrouded guards on them too.
Coming off a nasty bout of flu, but recovered enough to start work indoors. Figured I'd begin with the saddle...a Faulhaber product. Will need to fab one spring retaining clamp that was lost to time, then straighten the rails a tiny bit.

I could not find another example of a two-tone cover with piping, but this one doesn't appear UN-original. Anyone know the scoop?

Sigh...the weather here simply hasn't cooperated and I'm not about to paint in my living room. I'll eventually finish this build, but after the WBO deadline has passed--probably April or May. Just call it bad timing.