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Mild ta Wild

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Jun 30, 2011
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960 Postal Way - Box 2711 - Vista, Calif. 92085
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Up for sale is this brand new Cheetah 26" E-Bike that I bought from Revi-bike. I started a new job that is 7.5 miles from my home and with the price of gas I decided to buy something different in E-bikes. Unfortunately, because of the extreme hot weather this past summer I haven't ridden the bike to work like I wanted to. It's just sitting in my garage all covered up not being used so I've decided to sell it. This bike does what it says it will do, I did take it for a test ride. As you can see I did add some custom work to it, but it all can be remove if you want. The price is firm $2800.00 in cash only. The bike comes with the saddle bags and battery charge. I purchased a hitch mounted bike carrier for this bike, and it can handle the Cheetah will no issues. I chose this rack specifically because it has this vertical bar that keeps the bike upright, free from falling off if a bungie strap breaks. It's rated at 500lbs and slides into your 2" trailer hitch, Class III or IV, like a receiver does and it comes with this bike at the price quoted $2800. Seriou's buyers only, cash in my hands gets you a test ride. Local pickup is welcomed, I hate to think about the shipping cost, the bike weighs in at 80lbs. and the same for the bike rack. I will also charge you for my efforts in getting this shipped to you. As long as your see this ad, the bike is still for sale.


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