christmas bicycle build to help kids in need

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Jun 3, 2012
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arkansas city,kansas
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so i was sitting around trying to figure out how to help kids in need for the holidays.
and i was digging thru my parts and came up with an idea.
i will build a bike out of parts all reconditioned and in like new condition and either donate the bike or raffle it off and use the money earned to help the kids.
so with that being said and done here is the bike im building
its a 90's Royce union i have had laying in my junk pile
in its current stage it is dirty old and not looking very good
but i will have it fixed up and in excellent condition by Christmas time.
so i have a question which would be better to do?
donate the bike to a child in need or should i raffle it off and donate the money?
i know the answers kinda there but im undecided which would be best.
thanks for viewing
here is the bike
the frame as i started.

parts pile almost everything i will need is in this pile.

some mockup and pre assembly to see what i will need and what will work.

more updates soon
yeah that's kinda where im going with it.
once i finish it and get all the quirks done, im gonna see if i can find a charity to work with to help find a child in need to give it to.
it's gonna be a sweet bike.
im using all my best stuff on it. but safety first especially since A child will most likely get it
we shall see how it goes.
more updates/pics soon
check with your local food pantry,,,,we have given away about 60 bikes in the last 4 years through ours ..
one may not b enuff or it may b ...see what they have 2 say about it !!!! u may b able 2 make a few kids happy !!! :mrgreen:
thanks rydr1
yeah i was gonna donate to toys for tots .but i decided this will be a better deal.
i remember my first bike it was the greatest day of my life.
so .i hope the same thing happens with this bike.
im at a standstill at the moment i can't get the front end to stop wobbling.
it had a rotor .but it was trashed and the forks are threadless .so im trying to work out that issue then i add brakes and a chain and clean it up a bit and it's good to go.

more updates soon
I go to a Big Car Show in December just before Christmas. The whole thing is for Toys for Tots.
They take all kinds of Donated stuff and Raffle it off. Just buy 10 tickets and they pull numbers out of a drum. Thousands of people are there. Marines are there in uniform in a big showing.
Great place and show. I always donate stuff for the Raffle.
But it is too far from you.
Just an Idea, There are other places like that around the country.
that's a good idea!!
too late this season to plan it but maybe i can see about planning something like that around here.
i got a hold of some free mp3 players one year back when they were in demand, and i made a deal that if someone donated 20 dollars they'd get a free one and i ended up filling a military jeep with toys and half of a deuceandahalf from the promo
im gonna have to look into that i like that idea
thanks for posting
lil more progress on the build
the seat is on and the brake calipers
as much as i like the chrome look i might spray it with green and red and put Christmas decals on it so it serves its purpose
but i like the chrome look these chrome frames are like non existence anymore.
might even make stencils for "tinsel" paint job on it but no thoughts of paint yet im still working out the kinks and getting it read to ride
here's the current stage of the build

i mounted both brakes to decide which one i want to roll with,i might try to make both work but no promises yet i don't know how to do hat stuff and still run front brakes so i will put that aside for now.
oh yeah upon researching this bike i found a pic of an original one mines not all that different and t looked like this when i first got it but had pegs kinda wish i didn't part it out back then lol