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I’m putting together the brake shoes for the drum brake. On a good note, I used a modern snap ring to hold the shoes in place, instead of the cheap metal ring that wouldn’t go back on. On a bad note, when I tested it, the cast metal snapped!!


Welding isn’t working. So luckily I found some replacement shoes and ordered them. Hopefully they get here quick!
The company claims otherwise and I'd be surprised to learn Evapo-rust has a detrimental effect on non-ferrous metals. Surely this shoe is not steel--as a brake part, it really should have been. Weight-saving gone overboard.
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My biggest concern as I’m coming up with this plan is that I’ll be using a brake lever for the front brake, so I’ll only have one lever for both rear calipers, and they’ll be actuated from two different sides.

I've been wrestling with some engineering solutions that would give me the ability to use an Excel brake lever so it would look right, but all my engineering solutions looks clunky and overkill in my head.

I was looking at gyros this morning for my upcoming bmx build and was wondering if some of this stuff might help you to use the period correct brake lever you'd like to use.

This London Mod setup would allow one cable to run to below the top tube of the frame and then split into 2 cables.

This upper gyro setup allows 2 cables to attach to a single cable lever. The cables are short for a gyro so a solution would have to be found for that.

It's late in the game for the build off but maybe? Or just for future reference.
I forgot to take a “before” pic, but the pads from the pedals were pretty dingy. The white stripes looked yellow. So, I soaked them in peroxide out in the sun for the day.

They came out nice!

They’re going to look good with the fresh chrome.

I’ll put them together after turkey day.
I have a regular window for an Eliminator twin stick, but this modified shifter needed a modified window. You might remember that I cut that window out of the left side.

@JNOACK made me a window.

It’s hard to see, but it’s too wide. So, had to cut, sand and polish.

I glued them in, set it aside and built the shifter and added the decals.
I tried to wrap over my brakes, but no luck. So I put them outside. As @The Renaissance Man knows, I discovered that the Excel brake lever doesn’t fit correctly over the tape. Makes me wonder how the did that originally. Anyway, I decided to modify it by trying to open up the diameter. My first attempt failed and I broke the clamp and the lever. This sucks because this lever type was meant for these types or bars and was my only one.

So I pulled the crapiest clamp and lever out of my stock in case I failed again. This time I used a large socket to encourage the new diameter.
Here it is before


And after.


It worked. Can you see how rough that lever is??

So, a lot of sanding and polishing later…

Hmmmm. That screw is a little too long…
I'm loving the high/low graphics!

It fits perfectly with the style and era of the bike! The average person would never guess that the duel shifter is not original equipment!
Bravo! :41:
Here’s the completed console. If it looks like I printed the decal on a piece of paper and taped it on, that’s because I did. It’s one of those details I overlooked and am correcting. The decal will arrive next week.

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