Delta Lights-These are Delta Rockets right?

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Dec 8, 2007
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Marine City, Michigan
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I cannot figure out what these lights are....Theyre brand new, and they were in a box-but i doubt its the right one...I basically just want to know what they are-so i can sell them...Of course


Having red and green lenses, they were probably intended as navigation lights for a boat. But Delta did sell identical units with all red lenses intended for bikes.
the brackets sorta look like the hub bub light kits. they would bolt together around the hub and spin with the wheels, they were usually both red lensed though if i remember right

i always thought the red green combo was for boats

The oldest Hubba Hubba lite I found is a front wheel model in the spring/summer 1949 Montgomery Wards catalog then never again.

The lenses on the the old Delta lights are more rounded than the most recent.

I don't know the real age of my Gordon catalog but the lenses are the same as yours, a recent model (late 50's).

I love how the guy penciled in the higher price: "$1.92? Are you nuts? Got to have $2.04, minimum." :D