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Oct 5, 2008
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north vernon, indiana
here she is. started out with a 60's middle weight western flyer. shot the frame and fork w/satin finish lime paint. the front end is a mixture of stock forks and truss/rockers from leftovers of a murray springer. bars are from a womans schwinn. ran same seat. blacked the wheels, tires are kendas from a donor bike. rear stand bent myself from flat stock, is held up in place with a leather strap when riding. number plates are wood paneling, numbers are traced and colored in with a sharpie and then stained over with used motor oil. :D i was going for a flat track bike look and board tracker look. the number 44 came from my dad's number from his days of racing flat track on the old bultacos! :) i know board trackers or flat trackers didn't run headlights, but had to add one. hope you enjoy!
Great lookin bike! Cool color combo and stand, and I like that you blacked out the hubs too.
cool look - love the color - front with headlight is great - all around great looking bike. 8)
thanks for the kind words guys! i was going for the less is more look here, straight forward build. this thing rides great, and it flipin' flies!! :D
bike came out super! :D the fork unit and the tire/wheel combo,really give it a vintage racer vibe! you pretty much nailed it! 8)
double nickel, the headlight is just one i had around. they are supposed to bolt to your stem bolt. i think they are pretty universal and can get them at you vintage bike shops. i am sure memory lane would sell them. this one actually had the horn in it as well and had a button that mounte to the bars for the horn.
anything you have i will buy it off of you just name your price but no more than $30 :D
P.s. could you also ether send me a pic or reply one to this post

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