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Aug 27, 2022
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Ok so we all know that to make the Quad drifter I used the wheels ,motor and rear brake system off my "hot Wheels Drift Trike" I had every intention of buying a new motor for this but hadnt got round to it,

low n behold I found a water blaster biffed out and on the kerbside, I grabbed it and brought it home, Gave it a clean up and Managed to get it going, all it needed was a carby clean and new gas!

Work was canned again last night so I stayed up all day but had a nana nap about 4pm.... woke at 2.30am, "sheesh", I left specific orders to wake me up at 8pm...anyway! life just rolled on LOL.
So I was in the shed quietly pottering about, shifting things n moving stuff, making room and then started to clean up the motor and put it on the trike! after a good spit n polish it came up fantastic. looks good and the replacement tank looks the goods too!


I could of hooked it all up and i would only be waiting for tyres ,Brakes and throttle cable tinkering, But the Shaft is only 19mm, My clutch has 20mm so its a no go for fitment, I've already sourced another of the correct size on flea bay! was all too easy really! $37. probs be next week before I get it!
While im waiting this week i'll have a look at making a new exhaust system and make some airbox mods so this thing can breath a lot easier, it'll be the same mods as the quad bike, extracted exhaust flow and huge air intake!
Im suspecting this motor is only 6.5HP and not 7. the give away is the shaft size being smaller, there was some 7HP with the smaller shaft but they were sort of in the cross over period when the factories began beefing the things up a bit, so they were actually marked as 7HP, in any case those mods to the motor I mentioned should bring the thing up to at least 8hp possibly more!, its well run in this one and feels a bit looser in its running when I started it yesterday!

OK so back into the swing of things, there quite possibly could be a build off bike yet so we'll have to see, I do have pans but.... Anyway ive started the airbox mods, its really only removing the factory air cleaner and replacing it with a more open flow, this coupled with a more free flowing exhaust should bring it up to speed....Remembering these motors are classed as "Low performance high quality" meaning they're quite reliable but the performance (@7hp/212cc) is staggeringly low, but provided you keep the fuel and oil clean they run for years with minimal servicing.
1. air box off

Then if simply unscrews and alls revealed….. which is absolutely nothing 😂
Assortment of parts,
The small PVC angle was from Bunnings (equivalent of home depot in US), the small rubber seal is just a piece of bicycle tube, the filter is a failed buy for the cafe racer and the clamps were found in a drawer,

Assembled it looks like this,
The whole assembly will get glued n glassed to the airbox , the PVC angle gets a few coats of the trikes accented color,,, hammer tone blue.
performance (@7hp/212cc) is staggeringly low
Lots of room for improvement there. Intake and exhaust is a good start. You can probably modify or removed the governor too for longer legs. People do a lot to their Predator 212 motors for gocarts. Not sure what motor you have but might be similar? Very fun project!

This guy has a whole set of hop-up videos for the 212 Predator

So the airbox got a full rebuild, it was starting to come apart , the newer system went on the mini quad, theres just more room on the trike for the oversized filter, (another failed ebay buy)
The mini quad loves his new pipe n filter,looks cleaner and way more tidy

The old box off the mini quad now sits atop of the trikes motor and also copped some fibreglass reinforcement and a lick of charcoal and I even managed to salvage the sticker. You’ll also see the exhaust mods have begun
I spent a bit of time sourcing pipe n stuff for the exhaust system, same as the mini quad the idea is to extracorise the exhaust and also create a bit of back pressure within to give the engine a bit to work against, the original exhaust is just a choking box, made cheaply to get them to run,
The muffler turned up today too,
The bits consist of the ex mrs exercise bike handle bar, a u shaped pressure washer frame cut out, and a random sleeve was made to fit the muffler, was 1mm too big
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After a few dozen buys with no problems but my own personal mistakes I have finally been bitten by the WRONG ITEM POSTED scenario.
I ordered 7x11, 10-5
But instead got 10x4.5-5
Way smaller than wanted

They look stink, im in two minds as to sending them back or try them on the mini quad, that machines just too fast for what it is,
these smaller wheels will drop the top end but give a bit more acceleration

Well we havnt even started her up and “Sickness” has developed an alignment ailment 😂😂😂
It wasn’t until I got it off of the stand and stood back to view it, Ive noticed the motor wasnt perfectly positioned, I tried moving things about but if I want to be serious then it’s a hole modification.
But just look at it now, a real “Dogs Breakfast “
So yep, theres more to come,
Including , rear sub frame design n rebuild,
Those bearings have always annoyed me being that far from the wheel, im gonna move em about 4” to the wheel itself and make up some spacer sleeves, this will stabilise it more at high speed, say 60km+, remember its a bicycle front wheel n tyre, best to keep it under 70km,
I should state this was made to be a powered drift trike with plastic sleeves over the wheels, so as to slip n slide easily, that fun lasted about 3weeks before we cut loose with just slicks,