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Jul 14, 2011
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Helena, mt
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Before I rant about someone, I'd like to open up my pea brain for some input. I had my eye on this bike and it didn't sell. The ad clearly read "Recent barn find. Great for parts or restore. I am putting 100.00 for shipping, if it costs more, expect to pay the difference. If bike does not sell, and someone wants to buy parts from it please let me know."
I've edited out parts, of the ad, but you get the gist of the matter.
When I contacted the seller about the parts I was interested in (not wanting to spend $100 plus to get stuff I didn't want) , they said they would list the parts I'm interested in later in the week???? Sounds like they're going to re-list the parts at auction? It seemed to me that they was offering to part it out to interested parties "if bike does not sell...".
I sent them a follow-up email kinda sayin' "hey buddy, that isn't what your ad said....if I'd known I'd be back bidding on the parts, I would have just bid on the whole thing. I haven't heard back, but it just doesn't taste good...
Clearly, the lister is making money on the deal, as they covered themselves pretty well on any shipping costs. And at this point, I'd still buy the whole thing and flip the unwanted parts myself. But is there a principle involved here....I didn't bid (and actually hoped the bike would not sell...like we all do) because of what they said they would do if he received no bids. Now, it looks like the story has changed. I took them at their word
I'd appreciate some input and am old enough to write it off as "my bad"....I'm just a little...annoyed.
If this person is a member, consider at least listing the parts here first, I'm guessing if they read this, they know who they are. If you can't keep your word, at least consider writing your ads better.
Soap box safely stowed for landing.....tray table is in its upright and locked position.....
You had better come up with a way to deal with this because it will happen more often than not. First, the seller probably wants/needs as much as he can get from the bike or parts. I can relate because my sales help fund this hobby and making deals cuts into my pocketbook. In my opinion the seller did nothing "wrong" he just chose to not "cut you a deal" and preferred to sell through epay which is accepted but of course, not always appreciated...and remember, you could have made him a reasonable offer on the parts you wanted or the whole bike but you didn't and instead showed an interest only in the parts which he then stated he would list to get a fair deal for him of course, and maybe for you, maybe not...next time this type of deal comes up, step up, remind the seller of the epay fees and go big or go home
They did not seem to suggest that they would be selling the parts outside of ebay so I'm not sure they even went back on their word. Sometimes it's better to bid now and ask questions later.
I've yanked my listing because no one would bid for days. I will never sell a complete bike on there again. And I only list on there cuz I needs the money! Oh and No It wasn't my listing Your talking about. I sure get a lot of offers to buy off the bay. :)
The guy seems within his rights, and although it was never specifically stated, I think it was implied that he would relist the parts on eBay. Some people feel safer going through an official channel, and are leery of transactions outside of eBay. I know that eBay is always telling people, "If someone tries to make a deal with you outside of eBay they are probably scammers." (paraphrased, of course.)

Once I saw a part I wanted listed on eBay. The guy selling it was in the same town as me, so I told him I would buy it off eBay. He said no. Then it didnt sell several times, and he kept relisting. I finally ended up buying it from him on eBay at half the price I offered him previously. I bet he felt stupid for having denied my previous offer.
"Here is the response from the seller...who was courteous enough to send it.

"I took the bike apart tonight and I will be listing parts seperately. You are the 4th person who contacted me after the auction and said they would have bought it for the opening bid. One guy said he would pay me the starting price and pick it up. I don't know why no one bid it and now everybody would have paid opening bid? I was told by a few people that I would have been better off just parting it out from the start. I thought I was doing a potential bike restorer a favor by listing it fairly complete"

My reply...after the feedback I received from other RRB members:

Thanks for the courteous reply. I've been on Ebay for 13 years and have only had 1 problem transaction. This is not a problem. I can see where the mis-understanding would come from in this case. In the future, you might consider letting people know that "parts will be re-listed in separate auctions if bike goes unsold". That would have done it for me...although, in this case, I still would have passed on the whole bike, hoping to only bid on the parts I really need. But, no matter. Win some lose some. Good luck with the parts auctions, I'll have my eye on the parts and maybe we can still do a little business.

Thanks for the input folks, it gave me some insight...and as usual, a learning experience :D

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