Eh there everyone I'm just another over-aged kid from Canaduh!

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Sep 25, 2022
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I'm Jake from Calgary Alberta.. In the past I was paid quite generously to fabricate/fit/weld some pretty intricate and usually very large stuff for the oil and gas sector...I've loved hot rods, rat rods, custom motorcycles and vintage drag racing ever since I was about the same height as the front wheel/tire of one of Don Garlits front engine dragsters that I I was hopelessly drawn towards at the Milan(Michigan) Dragway in the late 80's....

Back to bicycles now... I was never the kid with the most expensive bike on the block growing up however I was the kid with the cleanest bike and every free/cheap modification my dad could teach me(green/teal CCM excel is the first 2 wheeler I can remember) and quickly had acquired a reputation to live up to.. I rarely left the garage without a fresh armor all job on my tires and everything else got a quick wipe down with glass cleaner and a quick wax if needed.

Right now(after alot of thrown out designs and head scratching) I'm at the start of the fabricating phase of what my idea of a tandem bike should look like and behave..
Anyways sorry if I started rambling or getting off topic at all here I know this was just supposed to be a quick intro. I'm very happy I somehow found my way to this site/forum and even more excited to join the community.. From what I've read so far there is some serious knowledge here and a great variety of age groups from youngsters to seniors and everything in between!
Jake from way up north....


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Sep 14, 2013
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Bradley Illinoiz
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Welcome to the fray. Bicycle building is an inexpensive way to get your rat rod juices flowing. Weld on brother.

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