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SOLD Fantastic single rear original black paint Mongoose BMX Motomag 2 II

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Oct 4, 2011
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This wheel has 3 paint "defects" ,peeling bubbles,common with these wheels otherwise dirty but fantastic!
PLEASE keep in mind that I only hosed this off with water..I figured Id let the new owner clean it the way they desired..maybe leave as is even

I do NOT have the guts for the wheel..I went looking and realized that I sold off all of my Shimano MX and Bendix coaster brake parts when I sold off my BMX stuff.. 🙄 BUT having said that,its pretty common stuff believe it or not

I ACTUALLY thought this wheel was NOS,but there is grease inside the "hub shell"...but the wheel looks pretty perfect except for the paint bubbles ( Occours with age Id been told years ago)
Asking $225 shipped in the USA VIA ; Cash,check,MO or Paypal via Friends and Family or local P/U in southern RI for $200 cash.. Thank you

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