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I really like the creativity you have displayed by pulling this bike off. It looks rideable though the front end might be light. Your front fork extension is novel to say the least. I'll go out on a limb and guess that the saddle is from a horse? Very fun bicycle in so many quirky ways. Good collection of stickers too.
It was indeed a real horse saddle of some type. I always got different experts telling me what kind, never the same answer. Kid's saddle. A slim type of jumping saddle. Who knows, but I still have it on a shelf to use again in the future.
Carbon fiber tank
I built this tank last summer, out of various wastewater tubes that I had lying around on my farm. I had never done anything before that involves cutting, heating and bending plastic pipe (well, other than a plastic induction pipe that had to run in a circle around an engine, some 30 years ago, back when I worked for Norton), and then sticking it all together again. I have never been great with filler, but the result of recent years ocassionaly watching people use filler on Youtube clearly had a result, as it was a fair effort.


Sadly I removed the saddle from this bike last week, as I needed to transport the bike it came off to Lublin, so that I can sell it.

The cottage in the background is a classic here in Eastern Poland, being moved back from the road onto a new base, but when I say classic I mean the yellowy-orange exterior is classic 1950s-1960s, while the pale blue original 12" x 3" wooden beams with their swallowtail corner joints only slightly visible are the original house. Our cottage is very similar - except that the original wood is not only covered by the yellowy-orange boards, but all that is wrapped in expanded polystyrene, the front door is covered over and we have replaced the windows with modern equivalents. This one, when finished, is intended for someone who lives in the city and wants a traditional place for vacations. They will walk up and down the road sometimes, and no one will talk to them ;)

The bike is a Romet, the classic Polish bicycle maker from the 1950s to the 1990s, and the model is a Jubilat. Except this one is branded 'Zenit Kowalero' and came with a lot of options that the Romet Jubilat never had, like 3 or 4 speed deraileur hubs. Not even the export 'Universal' Jubilats had anything like that, just the single-speed braked hubs. I do not know what they were thinking creating this new brand, and why call it 'Kowalero', the village with a huge Romet factory beside it to manufacture all Wigry and Jubilat bikes?

Crazy, but I have all the Zenit parts that came off it, stored away, just in case I come across another Zenit that I decide to restore. This one will return to its job as my intermediate field bike soon - between my single speed Jubilat and my multispeed Kross.

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