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WANTED Felt Cruiser

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Jul 20, 2011
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Virginia Beach, VA.
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Well been bored around this house with the Virus Lockdown.........Figured I would ask if anyone wanting to sell their Felt Cruiser Parts or whole bikes. Just putting feelers out.... Ron in Virginia
Well that's pretty neato, not bad price for a "blank canvas". I know it says it'll only fit 24x3 or 26x3, but has anyone tried 27.5s?

Dangit, that's TWO bikes added to my "wish list" today.:envy:
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That is SUPER KILLER! I'm seeing them listed for around 250ish online. The shipping is the tough part: I'm in Canada, no longer have access to my US shipping address.
Ronark, I have 3 I would sell, but not in a position to ship right now, and it might be a while before I am. 20190524_184759.jpgDSC04027.JPG
if you don't mind me asking what size are the red wheels , i am doing one and don't know whether i should go 24in or 26in and 65mm or 80mm
Not my picture but to me looks like the standard 26" Quick Brick with 50mm rims. You can put 65mm on the felt frames with no problems, 80mm is too tight of a fit (Picture with 80mm rims is in the next picture).
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dont really have the room for anymore bikes til i get rid of some of this dang furniture that seems to be in the way, told the ex wife to take with her just dont touch my bikes
Will be trying to sell rims and tires soon. Changing color scheme and adding nexus 3sp hub.