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Sep 6, 2014
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SLC, Utah
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I have been lurking amongst this forum since 2009. There are a great group of people on this forum. I thank all of you for your help and advice over the years. I steer clear from all social media but you have all made me feel comfortable with sharing my passion and maybe I will help you along the way. Of the hundred or so bikes that have come and gone the bikes I hold on to include a 1949 Black Phantom rat, 1947 Dx rat, 1964 spaceliner rat, 1953 Starlet, and 1958 American just to name a few. I will post pics as time allows. My next build will be another 1949 Black Phantom.
Welcome aboard ! :113:

Sounds like an awesome stable :41:

....Looking forward to the pics :)

Walmart schwinn i built a few years back.
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Welcome to the fun and madness!