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Oct 8, 2007
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Van Nuys
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The Fire Road Cruise is just that a "cruise" on streets and fire roads. The mileages is long, the pace even not too fast, the views are great. How much fun you have is up to you. Any kind of bike is welcome, we will be hitting some hills and some dirt, most people will be riding a BMX styled cruiser, klunker, vintage mtb or other bike but we don't care what you bring as along as you show up ready to have fun!!!

We do the ride, we will have route maps and stop once for a small amount of time for restroom and water refill. It will most likely be hot. We are leaving earlier than we used to to cut out the heat somewhat.

Bring stuff to fix a flat and some water. Tune your bike up beforehand.

Finishers will get a button, quitters will not.

BB_Q afterwards-free. I will have some beverages, but the SCUMBAGS drink a lot. Stores are close by....


Sep 6th, 7am show up, 8 am roll Yes it is a Holiday on a Monday. We leave on time.


rsvp for meet up


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