Fleetwood special

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Got the frame all taped up ready for paint.

Awesome build! I also really like your work bench in the background. I have one just like it! Watching this one.
Nate...that frame looks killer.

What's your plan for wheels/tires? On my flat black frame last year, I went with heavy duty chrome wheels and blackwalls and I think it looked killer. I'd like to see how a 24X3 looks stuffed in there without fenders. I think I have a set of 24X3 cream tires mounted up sitting in the garage. I could bring them to the Cincy show if you wanted to bring the frame tomorrow for a "fitting".

What are you doing for a fork?
Just going to paint up some balloon rims with a ND 2 speed setup.

Won't be able to make the ride tomorrow stuck on call.
Paint is incredible!!!
Started to put the bike together to get an idea what it will look like.